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Weddings with Charm

Do you want to have the most beautiful day of your life accompanied by wonderful music?

Whether it's custom arrangements for the wedding ceremony, reception or dinner - the Klangvierterl offers the right choice of music tailor-made for you. From your wedding waltz, to opening the dance floor and guiding the celebration into the wee hours of the morning, we are happy to accompany your special day with the music you love. Enjoy choosing from our broad repertoire and let us turn your wedding into a musical highlight!

Here are a few happy couples who celebrated their special day with the Klangvierterl:

Our requests were transformed by the Klangvierterl into a beautiful musical experience that made our wedding ceremony enchanting. Working together with them was uncomplicated and easy, we would always choose the Klangvierterl again! (Johanna & Zsolt)

Having Klangvierterl play at our wedding ceremony and agape created such a special atmosphere and set the stage for the rest of evening. Not only did they play beautiful and festive music, but it also felt like they were celebrating with us. We'll never forget waltzing through the venue's rose garden to Klangvierterl's music. (Katherine & Lorenz)

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss any musical wishes for your wedding! 

The Klangviertel offers individual arrangements for your wedding celebration, whether out or indoors. At your reception we can create a delightful atmosphere that will have your guests swaying in no time and calling for you to open the dance floor!

Enjoy a Polka recorded for „Auf Wiener Art“, along with impressions from the recording studio.

The CD is available upon request, and make for excellent wedding favors!

CD „Auf Wiener Art“

„Es wird a Wein sein, und mir werd’n nimma sein […]“ –

"The wine will always be here, but we won’t” - Vienna, wine, love and mortality - these are the themes that are at the core of Viennese Music and the Wienerlied. On the Klangvierterl’s first album you will not only find popular songs, but also a few rarities from composers who enriched Viennese dance music just as much as the waltz king, Johann Strauss Sohn.

The CD is available upon request. Please contact the musicians directly.

About Us

Since 2011, Klangvereingiung’s folk music ensemble, called Klangvierterl, has performed primarily in Vienna and surrounding cities. The quartet’s guiding principle is to interpret classic Viennese Music in a contemporary setting. In addition to concert appearances and recording, the group has appeared in the television program Klingendes Österreich and performed at the Schrammelfestival and the Oster-Erlebnismarkt. 

„A brilliant quartet of a special kind“ (NÖ Nachrichten)

The name Klangvierterl  signifies the connection between Music and Geselligkeit, or conviviality, as well as the relationship between the four musicians, with reference to the fact that a vierterl, or quarter, forms a part of the Klangvereinigung. The word vierterl can also refer to a quarter note in sheet music, and it is not a coincidence that this is a play on words for the way in which one orders a vierterl, or quarter of a liter of wine at a Heuriger (wine-tavern).

Bernhard Winkler (Violin), Leopold Winkler (Clarinet), Gerald Mair (Contrabass, Voice, Arrangements) and Dragoljub Brkic (Accordion) are all experienced chamber musicians . At the beginning of their collaboration, they specialized in Viennese music, but have since expanded their repertoire to include a variety of genres.

The repertoire of the ensemble includes Wienerlieder [Viennese Songs], Polkas, Waltzes, Tangos, classical chamber music, as well as contemporary pieces. If something is not yet in the repertoire, the Klangvierterl is ready, willing, and able to perform custom arrangements of your personal favorites.

„The four musicians […] are masters of their instruments and as a quartet, even in this unique constellation, are excellent“ (NÖ Nachrichten)

The Klangvierterl Musicians

Bernhard Winkler

Born 1986 in Vienna, he started playing the violin at the Hollabrunn Music School at the age of 6. He continued his studies at the Vienna Conservatory with G. Winischhofer and B. Khadem-Missagh. He then studied Music Education and Instrumental Pedagogy at the University of Music and Performing Arts (MDW) in Vienna with J. Roscheck and T. Fheodoroff, receiving a diploma with distinction and an MDW award. Winkler is active in chamber music (e.g. QuarTete à Tete) and a substitute in renowned Viennese orchestras (e.g. RSO Vienna). Since 2010, he has been the orchestra chair of the Klangvereinigung.


Leopold Winkler

Born 1988 in Vienna, Winkler had his first clarinet lessons with M. Haslinger, and beginning in 2006 he studied under J. Celoud. He has participated in master classes of "Allegro Vivo" and "Sommerakademie Bad Goisern" with M. Schorn, K.F. Schmid and W. Kornberger. He is a founding member of the group "Dopplereffekt" which published a CD entitled "Frisches Grün".  He was a winner at the national competition "Prima la Musica" (woodwind chamber music 2006 and 2008 with "Startclar"), and is a winner of the young musicians' performance badge in gold.


Gerald Mair

Born 1988 in Lienz in East Tirol, he learned double bass at the age of 12 at the Landesmusikschule Lienzer Talboden, continuing his studies with H. Eisterer and W. Fleischmann. He also conducted with M. Huss, and studied music at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Mair is the artistic director and chief conductor of the Klangvereinigung and the Stadtorchester Lienz. He is a popular bassist in various formations, and active orchestra member. In the Klangvierterl he is the bassist, arranger and vocalist.


Dragoljub Brkic

Born in 1990, Brkic had his first accordion lessons at the age of 13. At first he studied privately, then in various music schools in Vienna. He is the winner of numerous competitions domestically and internationally. He received his diploma from the Gustav Mahler Conservatory in Vienna and his Bachelor's Degree in Concert and Pedagogy from the Anton Bruckner University in Linz. He has numerous solo performances to his credit and is a member of various formations, performing the genres of classical, Balkan, jazz, and Viennese music. Brkic is in demand as an accordion teacher in Vienna and throughout Lower Austria.

Every occasion is a highlight

Unique arrangements are available and created based on your wishes, and the Klangvierterl also collaborates regularly with an operatic vocalist specialised in pop music, who can sing your favorite songs for any occasion. 

The Klangveierterl can transform any concert, visit to a Heuriger, event or private party (weddings, Christmas and birthday parties etc) to a personal musical treat. 


07.04.2017, Wien


07.04.2017, Wien


Bereits zur Tradition geworden: Das Klangvierterl am Oster-Erlebnismarkt im Palais Niederösterreich. Das Quartett umrahmt stimmungsvoll das bunte Treiben an den Verkaufs- und Genussständen im altehrwürdigen Haus in der Herrengasse. Kommen Sie das nächste Mal vorbei und lassen Sie sich verzaubern!

12.05.2013, Göllersdorf

Klingendes Österreich

12.05.2013, Göllersdorf

Klingendes Österreich

Das Klangvierterl freut sich sehr über den Auftritt bei Sepp Forchers beliebter Fernsehsendung „Klingendes Österreich“. Die Ton- und Videoaufnahmen wurden vom ORF mit dem Ensemble im April und Mai 2013 professionell durchgeführt und ließen die tolle Sendung „Das große Land – von Wien nach Grafenegg“ mit der Erstausstrahlung am 01.06.2013 in ORF 2 entstehen.

Zum Video

17.03.2018, Althöflein

Konzert im Kulturstadl

17.03.2018, Althöflein

Konzert im Kulturstadl

Das Klangvierterl präsentierte sein breites Spektrum an musikalischer Unterhaltung. Ein Konzertprogramm aus traditionellen Wienerliedern, berühmten Walzern und Polkas sowie zünftigen Märschen, Gassenhauern aus Operetten und lateinamerikanischen Tangos wurde im Kulturstadl am Kapellenberg in Althöflein (NÖ) zum Besten gegeben. Das Publikum war restlos begeistert.

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