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A solid foundation:

Our Mission Statement


The association Klangvereinigung was founded in March 2010, but can already look back on many successes. Originally founded as a small salon orchestra, the orchestra quickly turned heads in Vienna with its performances and grew.

After a few smaller appearances and a performance at the Stadtfest 2009 in Vienna, the orchestra was met with enthusiastic applause and positive reviews. The Klangvereinigung quickly grew to the size of a symphony orchestra, which led to engagements beyond the borders of Austria.



From the outset it was the goal to promote young musical talent, and to develop a platform for national and international performances.  With the collaboration of experienced musicians in leadership positions within the Klangvereinigung, the success of musical performances and international presence is guaranteed. 

The orchestra is a well-blended mix of accomplished orchestra musicians in leadership positions and young, driven musical talents. Our artistic director understood from the start how to form a united presence to match the tone to the varied needs of the broad repertoire.


The Klangvereinigung has proven its flexibility and performs in various formations. Based on the location, size and type of event, the repertoire and suitable orchestra size are available for the appropriate musical accompaniments. 


Whether in symphony, ball, or chamber music formations, performances are planned down to the last detail to ensure the best presence for the event and location.


Despite the young age of the orchestra, its program already has a broad scope. The repertoire includes the great works of classical, romantic and modern music, as well as relatively unknown, seldom heard pieces and new compositions. The curiosity about and constant development of an unconventional repertoire are important priorities for the orchestra. The Klangvereinigung is also interested in crossover projects from pop and rock, symphony concerts, chamber orchestral literature, opera and operetta, as well as promoting contemporary composers.


The orchestra's venues are just as varied as its repertoire and formations. It regularly appears in the Vienna Hofburg as the ball orchestra at popular Viennese balls (including Steirerball and Rudolfina Redoute). Highlights of the symphony orchestra are the concerts in the great golden hall of the Vienna Musikverein, the concert hall of the Vienna Boys Choir, Muth, in the Konzerthaus Vienna and in the Brucknerhaus Linz. In 2016, the Klangvereinigung peformed the cycle "beethoven.complete" in Lambach (Upper Austria), where the orchestra presented all symphonies, overtures and solo concertos composed by Ludwig van Beethoven.


Since 2010, the orchestra has also established itself as a part of the Lower Austrian cultural summer scene as the opera orchestra in Gars am Kamp. The Klangvereinigung also has a contemporary focus through its regular collaboration with the artist Hermann Nitsch by premiering his symphonic


In addition to numerous concerts in Vienna, Lower and Upper Austria, the orchestra has been invited to tour China several times and has acted as an ambassador of Austrian musical culture and music. Concerts were performed in metropolises such as Shanghai, Shenzhen and Nanjing impressing audiences and critics alike.

In 2018, the collaboration with the Hofer Symphoniker (Germany) began with the performance of Richard Strauss’ Alpensinfonie. In addition to the artistic director, Gerald Mair, internationally acclaimed conductors such as Johannes Wildner, Michael Zlabinger, Florian Krumpöck and Marco Zambelli have led the Klangvereinigung from the podium.